Everybody belongs

Electric Galway, it’s more than a nightclub. It’s a place of late-night entertainment and revelry where communities can come together and where individuality and diversity are celebrated.  

We want to provide a dynamic, inclusive & safe space where sound people, whatever their interests, can create and enjoy cultural and entertaining experiences in the heart of Galway City. We are dedicated to embracing the energy and variety of our city & country, by showcasing local, national and international talent and blending music, theatre, performance arts, and social engagement in a way that appeals to everyone.  
Join us as we step back into the rhythm of Galway's nightlife, where every moment is about more than just the music - it's about the shared experience and the collective memory we create. 
Welcome back to Electric Galway, where the lights never dim on a good time, and our dance floors are always a place of belonging.